Begin again…

I’m not sure how this happened. It’s been six months since I last posted. I’m crap at this. Ho hum.

Actually, I lie. I know how this happened. Not relying solely on medication is hard work. Bureaucracy is gonna make me jump through hoops. I haven’t got better over night.


So I’ll start again. Like I did before, and know I’ll do again. I was just going to wipe the damn thing and pretend it never existed, but I felt maybe that wasn’t being honest to myself. It wasn’t like I meant to give up, so the huuuuuge gap is still part of the journey. One I might not be able to reflect on in great detail, it’s true, but that is what’s true — and so it stays: a gap, a blank, all the little baby steps and boring details, that would look like a huge achievement if I had only started yesterday.

But I’m going to try better. Promise. I’ll try not to give in to the stereotype that persons with bipolar disorder always start things, but never finish. I’m just going to admit to it.

I feel better now I’ve decided this. One more baby step,

x themostserene


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Passionate, political, feminist, tree-hugger, bleeding-heart, baker, crafty-type, power tool user, anxious, bipolar, cynical, sarcastic, procrastinator, lister. View all posts by themostserene

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