Another new beginning…


I really do take the cake. Again not going to delete evidence of my lack of commitment and general crapness. In fact, I have even moved it. Not for the interest of anyone really, but as fulfillment of my own little promise to myself not to run away from my mistakes and failings.

A lot has changed since the last commercial break.

I am feeling relatively stable, while still feeling like me and not a malfunctioning robot! Hurrah!

I graduated! Double hurrah!

I forced my formerly-almost-agoraphobic arse on a solo holiday in a foreign country where they spoke two languages, neither of which were mine!  I am almost as proud of this as I am of my degrees.

My psychologist and psychiatrist would have been proud of me. I say would have, because it’s been almost two years since I’ve seen either of them. Whoops. So, you see, it’s not just blogging that I’m crap at keeping up with. I am still in touch with my GP, so I’m not living on the wildside or anything, just not being super-great.

So anyway. I’ve decided that total self-examination might not be for me. Over-indulgence yes. So I’ve decided that the blog should not just be about my little journey, which if you’ve ever had mental health issues you know is never actually ‘over’, but about the random shit that occupies my thoughts. Maybe this will lead to an increased frequency of posts. May be not, but I’ll give it a red hot go,

x themostserene


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Passionate, political, feminist, tree-hugger, bleeding-heart, baker, crafty-type, power tool user, anxious, bipolar, cynical, sarcastic, procrastinator, lister. View all posts by themostserene

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